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Review: The Kooks

It was a British invasion last night in Cincinnati as The Kooks put on an incredible performance at Bogart’s. The band consisting of Luke Pritchard (lead vocals, lead guitar), Hugh Harris (lead guitar, keys, backing vocals), Peter Randal (bass, backing vocals), and Alexis Nunez (drums) put on a polished and energetic live show from start to finish. Pritchard switched between playing guitar and ditching the instrument to dance, working the crowd for participation at every chance and let me tell you—the crowd was all in.  Their perfect blend of modern indie, pop, and old school rock-n-roll made for a feel-good night of nostalgia and freshness for old and new fans alike. The band played their set seamlessly with little to no dead time between songs. 

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The Kooks have 5 studio albums and many chart-topping hits, especially when you look at their fame over seas. While yes they are “huge in Europe” this is certainly a band that has made a lasting impression right here in the states. This is made obvious by the huge crowd last night hanging onto and singing every word with a sea of hands in the air for majority of the set.