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Review: Robert DeLong

Robert Delong fans filled Top Cats to capacity last night for a truly psycodelic set of sounds and mesmerizing visuals on stage. The Los Angeles based musician orchestrated every noise with intent and purpose through the most unconventional means; at one point beginning a song by sampling himself squeezing a balloon repeatedly. Each track he moved from one sound kit to another to set the lattice for the audience.

Check out pics from the show HERE!

Even if you have never heard or experienced his music, you can appreciate the uniqueness of his live performance. Delong utilizes a multitude of "instruments" most of us would only recognize as video game controllers. Wii motes, N64 controllers, and a classic computer joystick are always present for his sets accompanying the usual gear one would expect at any concert. I have been a fan of Delong for most of his career so in the past I have known what to expect. Last night was the exception for me as a series of lasers shot from seemingly no where to create a new musical peripheral for him to contort. Delong disrupted the various colored beams of lights to manipulate his melodies in a truly revolutionary way for the crowd, and the crowd did not disappoint by moving and jumping frantically to every breakdown.

His newest EP is titled, See You in the Future and it could not be a more appropriate title for his music. Delong has been ahead of his time since the moment he started with his first album's release in 2013, Just Movement. Since then he has continued to perfect his recorded sounds and live show into something that is not only 'out of this world', but also ahead of our time. 


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An Interview with Robert DeLong 

Travis got the opportunity to chat with Robert DeLong on his tour bus prior to the sold out show at Top Cats last week! They discussed touring, DeLong’s stage setup, and his dream festival lineup.