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Lissie Heads to SGHR

Lissie is headed our way on Monday, January 28th at The Southgate House Revival! The Americana Powerhouse is continuing to ride high off the success of her fourth studio album Castles. 

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It was in 2016 that Lissie felt the need to break free from an increasingly stultifying Californian existence. With a deep breath, and her own destiny in hand, she made the decision to leave that world, and buy a massive farm in Northeastern Iowa where she’s been learning how to keep bees, grows vegetables, and is hoping to build a self-sustaining conservation space and retreat. Having moved out of the orbit of the music industry machine and back to her native Midwest, the roundedness she's found living and working on a farm has ushered in a period of exploration. 

Come see for yourself the Americana Powerhouse. You will not regret a second of it.