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Introducing Sun Delay

Sun Delay is a promising new band from right here in Cincinnati! Sun Delay is comprised of Andrew Kubiak, Sam Krimmer, Cole DeRose, and Lamont Nelms. Today they are releasing their very first single, “Live Or Die!”

Listen to “Live Or Die”

“Live Or Die” was recorded at Gwynne Sound in Cincinnati, OH, produced by Adam Pleiman, Kyle Kubiak, Sun Delay, and mastered by Greg Calbi of Sterling Sound.

After I listened to the single, I jumped at the chance to get to know this new band. Get to know them below, listen to “Live Or Die,” and be sure to catch them at Top Cats on Saturday, February 23rd with tri patterns and Moonbeau!

Tell us about how Sun Delay came to be…

Sun Delay are four friends who all got together shortly after high school: Andrew Kubiak, Sam Krimmer, Cole DeRose, and Lamont Nelms. Cole, Lamont, and Andrew started playing music together at the end of senior year but wanted to take things to the next step by adding a bassist and writing songs a little bit more maturely. After about a year of no luck with a bassist and a couple of solid song ideas building up Cole introduced Sam to the rest of the group, Cole and Sam have grown up together since middle school. Sam brought exactly what was needed to complete what would become “Sun Delay”, tasteful lyrics and a bassist. 

The group started out under a different name at the time but eventually settled on Sun Delay. They began booking a couple recording sessions at different studios around town such as Marble Garden with Isaac Karns and Ultrasuede Studios with John Hoffman then finally trying out what was Sound Images turned Gwynne Sound with Adam Pleiman. Now after a year and a half of finding their sound the first single from the band is released. ”Live or Die” is produced by Adam Pleiman, Kyle Kubiak, and Sun Delay.

What are your plans for the upcoming year?

This is our first real interview being published so we want to say thanks to Courtney for giving us this opportunity! 2019 has hopes of moving faster than the rest of our time as a band. We’re striving to play more shows here at home and maybe out on the road every now and then, make some more friends in the music scene, write, record, and release more music, and just grow together as a band more than we already have. We do have another single coming down the line here soon actually, we’re just tightening it up.

What was the inspiration behind the new single, “Live or Die?”

This song came to be in almost 3 different parts. The first half was written by the 3 of us in the beginning then Sam added his touch to it and finally Adam Pleiman and Kyle Kubiak doing some work on it in the studio. 

Instrumentally, the first thing that was created is that driving guitar riff which makes up the intro and outro of the song. Pretty simple idea that I think catches one’s ear right off the bat. Then I wanted to make the chorus powerful and wide so we had this Ramones-esque overdriven guitar strumming the chords with a faster paced lead guitar line over top of it. The way the chords are played during the chorus really takes the song to a new level and all that sits under Sam’s lyrics which are hard to forget. After the song was recorded at Gwynne Sound Adam and Kyle sat in the studio taking things out and adding small pieces in to make it flow it a bit more. - Andrew

The lyrics were inspired by a video game that I played. That video game got me thinking about a story tropes that ring true in my life, tropes like coming to terms with the fact that sometimes you will make choices for good reasons and still mess everything up, and also the struggle to relinquish control in a fundamentally uncontrollable world." - Sam

Any shows on the horizon we can catch?

The next show we’re playing is February 23rd at Top Cats with Tri Patterns (Indianapolis) and our friends, Moonbeau, to end their winter tour. We’d love it everyone came out for that, it’s gonna be a great show. We’ve been wanting to play with Moonbeau and Tri Patterns for a bit now!