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Review: GWAR

GWAR’s mothership landed late last night and the alien metal band appeared on stage at Bogart’s to torture fans in a bloody, sweaty, cesspool. The filthy eager crowd screamed and thrashed relentlessly and was ridiculed by a priest until a demonic monster stole his crucifix and sodomized him in a horribly offensive manner which sprayed the crowd with disease ridden blood and bile. The crowd continued their screaming for more blood and violence until our Commander and Chief: Donald J. Trump; strutted on stage. This seemed to anger the monsters and the people of the mosh pits and Trump was ripped into pieces; his corpse was disrespected, and even more blood and viscera was sprayed over the human scum audience.

It is hard to describe exactly the mayhem and chaos of a GWAR show. A wonderful mixture of classic thrash metal, brutal offensive violence, theatrical performances and thousands of gallons of blood. It is THE most unique concert of the year. Only those with a sick and twisted type of humor enjoy would enjoy this type of display. With all of the guts, blood, violence, and sex should probably be one of the most offensive things to be on stage in America but with an intellectual mindset GWAR is an intricate theatrical performance which is a monument to freedom of expression and humor with no limits. 

The Gore Gore Metal and More Tour 2018 has been of my favorite musical events of the year, and any amount of written words would not describe the experience. Giant monsters, robots, and human slaves being decapitated and spraying the crowd with infected blood is an extremely thrilling experience.