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Personsplacesthings at Madison Live

personsplacesthings is a Cleveland band dedicated to making meaningful music. With origins in emo and punk dating back to 2013, the group has maintained their sentimental lyrics while evolving into a much more straightforward rock act. They draw from singer-songwriter and folk styles, post rock, even country, and most importantly... the blues.

We sat down with the band prior to their show this Friday at Madison Live with Hanover!

What can we expect at a live show?

At a live show, you can expect personsplacesthings to craft a set that will feature highs and lows. As a three-piece band, we rely on dynamics throughout a performance- being quiet is just as important to us as being loud! There are moments that will catch your ear and have you grooving, and there are moments that the lyrics will really shine through and make things tender. You can also expect us dressed to impress (we clean up real good).

What is your favorite thing about being on the road?

Our favorite thing about being on the road is probably snacking. We really dig in. Chips, pretzels, gas station sandwiches, you name it. Did you know there are these community clubs in Pennsylvania that will give you hot dogs and coffee on the side of the road for whatever you can pay? The Lion's Club, or something like that. A region's food is essential to its culture.

What is next for personsplacesthings?

We will be recording a full-length album at the beginning of 2019, and we plan on playing out of town at least once a month next year. As far as our sound goes, we will be mixing things up- we've been having sessions where we just jam and come up with different ideas and expand on them and then move on to something else. We were very focused on crafting "good" songs for this upcoming record, but we'll be ditching the formulas and breaking the rules in our next chapter. We aren't sure how our genre is going to be defined, and we're all happy with that. We feel like we're all ready to simply create, and it's a great feeling.