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Oginalii Bring Feminist Rock to Urban Artifact

Nashville-based female-fronted rock machine Oginalii (oh-gun-ALL-ee), will be at Urban Artifact on Thursday, November 15th

Oginalii is gearing up to release their debut full-length album Cause and Affection on April 9th; the band has created waves with their last two singles, "No Littering," a passionate commentary on freedom of choice and a reminder to women to acknowledge their inner power, and "Further In/Out," a banger in feminist tribute to rattling society's cages.

Emma Hoeflinger has been creating music as Oginalii since 2013, and in the years that have passed her sound has evolved, just like anything else. She has something to say to those who think guitar music is dead: “Music evolves, just like anything else. It’s just different rock & roll, man.” 

Backed by Ryan Quarles (guitar), Simon Knudtson (drums) and Emma Lambiase (bass), Oginalii oscillates between kick-your-teeth-in sludge rock and hazy psychedelia, anchored by Hoeflinger’s smooth yet fierce vocals. Set in Led Zeppelin roots, she channels strong contemporary females like Karen O, PJ Harvey, and St. Vincent’s Annie Clark. 

“Annie Clark is the epitome of what it means to be a pioneer in females in music,” she declares. “I want to be an Annie Clark—someone who’s a fucking badass that you’re watching just melt face up there and take no prisoners.” 

This is the sentiment she brings with her on the road, as well as in the studio. As Oginalii fleshes out its debut full-length album, Hoeflinger is looking within herself for inspiration. When she writes, she does a lot of subconscious singing, letting the words flow from her without thought. During a particular session, she meant to say “cause and effect” but “cause and affection” came out of her mouth. It was her “a-ha” moment, and the concept of the band’s new chapter was born. 

“The album is about learning and growing as a person and loving yourself throughout it all,” she explains. “Figuring out how to be okay with your faults, realizing some of those things you fuck up on are the best parts about you, and learning how to let those things shine through.”