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Dawes at Taft Theatre

This Saturday be prepared to be blown away by Dawes at The Taft Theatre. They put on a phenomenal live show and you will want to be there for this special night. 

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Dawes released Passwords, their 6th studio album, on June 22nd, which the New York Times hailed for its “sinewy folk-rock melodies and studiously poetic lyrics”, and NPR Music calls “California folk-rock that never bothers to hide its big, beating, bleeding heart.” The album is a reflection and response to the state of the modern world, a clear-eyed defense of empathy in the face of apathy (on songs like “Living In The Future”) and a timely call for patience and understanding in an age of political partisanship (on “Crack the Case”). On this tour Dawes will perform two full sets of music from their catalogue, with no opener.

It’s been nearly a decade since Dawes first emerged from Southern California, carrying with them a roots-rock sound that nodded to the past, including the West Coast folksingers and cosmic country-rockers who chased a similar muse during the 1970s, while still pushing forward.

Over the years that followed their North Hills debut, the band evolved and electrified. The grooves deepened. The amplifiers grew louder. Once known for their honest approach to classic sounds, Dawes grew into something different: a forward-thinking, boundary-pushing band for the 21st century, willing to follow inspiration wherever it leads.