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Austin Lucas Headed to The Southgate House Revival

Rust Belt punk rocker-turned-alt-country troubadour Austin Lucas is headed to The Southgate House Revival on Wednesday, November 7th! He recently released Immortal Americans, his latest album,via Cornelius Chapel Records. 

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It's been over two decades since the songwriter packed his bags and left Bloomington, Indiana, the Midwestern town where he spent his childhood years falling in love with rock & roll, embracing his punk roots, and standing his ground whenever intolerant locals didn't understand his way of life. He returns to that place, both creatively and physically, with his seventh studio album, Immortal Americans. Written after a tumultuous period that found Lucas getting sober, supporting his partner through a battle with cancer, and breaking up with his longtime record label, Immortal Americansis a clear-eyed album for murkier times, rooted in stripped-down heartland rock songs that find the artist reflecting upon the changes in both his hometown and himself.

The album was tracked live and recorded in Chicago with Steve Albini, and reinforces that Austin Lucas is a fighter, he relocated to his hometown of Bloomington, IN, a region struggling with the opioid epidemic, an HIV crisis, and skyrocketing homelessness, to rebuild his career and his get back to his roots. Austin's music reflects his refusal to give up in the face of hometown hardship. He's survived music industry nightmares. He's conquered his vices. He's here to stay.