The Brevet Headed to SGHR

The Brevetare releasing their upcoming album LEGS via Pretend City Records on Oct 12th. Following up to their highly acclaimed sophomore LP, American Novel, the band evolves into a new sound heavily influenced by spending years on the road. LEGSis a powerfully charged work, full of gritty soulful vocals and distorted guitar riffs. You can catch The Brevet at The Southgate House Revival on Monday, October 8th!

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LEGS is The Brevet’s third studio album and stands for “L”ike “E”very “G”reat “S”tory. Staying true to its acronym, The Brevet’s upcoming album contains all elements of a memorable tale; reflecting the band’s growth and maturity leading up to the explosive new record. 

Frontman Aric Chase Damm explains, “Our band has been through an evolution these last couple years. We absolutely love the writing and recording process, but somewhere along the way, our focus shifted more towards touring and performing live, and the music we were creating just naturally started to reflect that energy."