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Review: Rainbow Kitten Surprise

Friday night, Rainbow Kitten Surprise put on a fantastic show at Bogart’s and captivated the audience with strong vocals and high energy stage antics. RKS been on tour since the middle of September, starting off in Boone, North Carolina, according to the tour shirt I purchased last night. Boone also happens to be the group’s home town. After scrolling through their twitter, I found they have been booking and playing shows and festivals alike almost non-stop for 2018. RKS has been gaining a lot of popularity fast. So much so, they have had numerous updates and changes to their schedule informing followers of venue upgrades to accommodate greater ticket sales and extra added dates and locations to their tour. I anticipate seeing Rainbow Kitten Surprise playing one of our TV’s late shows before the end of 2019. 

Before the show, I imagined Rainbow Kitten Surprise would walk onto the stage. However his singing started before they came into view. Sam Melo, front man, nowhere to be seen at for the first verse comes twirling across the stage to the mic. Their live performance last night gave the feeling of listening to the recordings, but the songs were played with a unique vibe you can only get at a live show. The music is smooth independent folk coupled with catchy alternative rock. RKS music has been compared to Alt-J’s which is undeniable. RKS’s light set up and sequence was surprising and impressible much like Alt-J’s award winnings light shows. 

Recently, RKS was on TV’s CBS This Morning playing from their newest Album: How To: Friend, Love, Freefall. When a band starts the television circuit it is usually the start of a something great. Appearances on that show as long with radio play has started the shift of this great band into the mainstream. Rainbow Kitten Surprise is going to continue to turn heads and gain momentum as they tour into 2019. I was overall impressed and would love to see them again.