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Pre-Order Vinyl of Eternal Return by Royal Holland

Royal Holland has launched a pre-order campaign to help fund the pressing of the first Royal Holland LP "Royal Holland and the Rotation - Eternal Return". The album was initially recorded live to tape by Royal Holland and 4 Rotation members; Margaret Darling (Omnichord), Brandon Losacker (Lead Guitar), Matt Retherford (Drums) and Charlie Fox (Bass). Background vocals are currently in the works on the tracks left on the same tape. 

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"We've heard people saying it sounds like, Petty, Dylan and Modest Mouse, with a great deal of Royal Holland in there as well..." writes Holland. "It was great collaborating with Brian Olive on this recording as I know we both share a love for old records from the 60's and 70's. We wanted to make a record that sounds like those, so we're mastering directly from the tape for the vinyl masters."

Holland and his constantly inconstant crew (save Darling and Retherford who have been there from the start) have traveled across the US on a tour that really helped formulate the sound on the record. 

"We just kept tweaking it each week, making it more 'us'," Holland continues "And then I fell madly in love and found a different voice from feeling free to try new things, We were more playful while working on this record and improvised a lot together. We really learned to anticipate what the others would be doing, and you can hear that on the recordings"

Holland plans to release the record on his own to what might seem small fanfare, but there's a reason for that. "Some people might do this thing for fame or recognition, but that's not really for me..." Holland again, "For me it's a matter of figuring out where exactly I end and everything else begins. It's like I sing about in the 3rd track 'Program' 'I'm pounding against all the corners I find myself in...' but what I've learned is that you don't pound on them, you explore other areas and become the most beautiful and expanded version of you that you can be. Don't let anything fence you in except your own limited probability" 

Holland has started a pre-order campaign on the band's bandcamp sitewhere visitors can pre-order the vinyl for $25 plus shipping costs, and even stream the reference mixes of the album first (sans background vocals for now) to see if they like it. The plans are to have a limited-edition hand lathe cut short press of the record released early next year. 

As for future plans? Holland answers "I've been writing a concept album for 15 years that I finally know the ending to because I am living it... it's a good ending, a happy one... We may play a few shows in Cincy and Dayton (my new hometown) to support the record, and then who knows? I've always wanted to work with John Vanderslice..."