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Dennis O’Hagan Turns Social Media, Craft Beer, and Live Music into a National Tour

Cincinnati area singer/songwriter Dennis O’Hagan is embarking on the 2nd leg of a national tour playing craft breweries throughout the U.S.. The highly successful first leg of the tour ran throughout the Midwest in August and September, with O’Hagan using social media to discuss each brewery and his thoughts on their beers following every show. The tour’s second leg kicks off October 11 in New Hampshire, and covers breweries in New England, New York, and Mid-Atlantic and Midwestern states throughout the Fall.

O'Hagan says demand for the tour has been so high that he’s already planning a second tour of New England in the Spring, as time restrictions didn’t allow him to book shows at even half the breweries that were interested. 

O’Hagan explains “These brewers are artists themselves, and they tend to love and support the arts in their communities. The people who frequent craft breweries appreciate the artistry of the brewer, and they also seem to have a real love of music, so it makes for an awesome audience and experience, especially as they seem most interested in my original music. As a musician, it’s so much more gratifying to play to an audience that is really tuned in, as opposed to playing in a place like a sports bar, where you’re competing against 25 TV sets and an audience that might not really be there for music.”

An added value in having O’Hagan perform, especially for the smaller or newer breweries, is the dialogue that takes place after each show as O’Hagan goes online and discusses the brewery and the beers that he’s sampled at each stop. “The brewery” says O’Hagan “gets exposed to a new audience and market, and I get to try all these great beers that are either their flagships, or new ones that they’d like to promote. These places all have such unique personalities, and that’s been coming across in the posts.” For the time being, discussions take place on Facebook, although a new website will launch soon and serve as a hub for info on the tour, the breweries, and where their product is sold.

His Great Brewery Tour returns to Cincinnati with shows at Brink Brewing Co (Nov 9), Little Miami Brewing (Nov 15) and DogBerry Brewing (Nov 30).

After a short break, a Winter leg of the tour will focus on breweries in southern states, with runs through New England and the east coast already planned for next Spring and Summer.

You can participate in the brewery discussions, as well as check out the tour schedule, by following HERE!