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Come win a Medal from Sure Sure

L.A. pop indie band, Sure Sure is headed to Madison Live on Tuesday, October 30th! Ever since their 2016 single, "New Biome" caught fire on Spotify, the band now has over 14 million total Spotify plays. Sure Sure is a band that will guarantee to put a smile on your face. 

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Following their debut self-titled album release earlier this year, the band just put out a bright track about a bad habit, "Lie Lie Lie." It's already being played on KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic and SiriusXM's Alt Nation.

We caught up with the band prior to the show next Tuesday! 

What prompted your band name?

We used to be called Jr. and had to change our name cuz Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. changed their name to Jr. Jr. for a couple months we were nameless, floating in a vacuum. Then we looked back on all the names we had written and Sure Sure was the least worst. 

Tell us about your writing process….

it depends on the song! sometimes Chris and Charlie will cook up a whole tune and then Chris, Charlie, Kevin, and Mike will hop down on the computer and get to work recording it. sometimes Kevin will make a spicy beat on the computer and that will catalyze Chris and Charlie to write a bassline, a la “Hands Up Head Down.”  It’s very collaborative and a good and nice time. 

What can one expect at a live show?

Friendship, trust, songs from the album, dancing, one person winning a medal that says, “U did a good job.”

What is next for Sure Sure?

We’re touring in February in support of Young The Giant! We’re very excited. They offered us the tour and then surprised us by coming to our Nashville show to meet us in person. They are the nicest.