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Chris From Space Album Release

Chris From Space will be releasing his album, Vector on Friday, October 26th with Dead Man String Band and Crates at The Lodge in Dayton, KY. This album has been quite a labor of love for Chris From Space. And while Vector may seem out of this world, the lyrics hit home in a way all too familiar in our current climate. 

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To me, this album touches on politics, love, anger, and moving on. From the song lyrics of ‘Evacuate The Planet,’ “Hey Everybody there's no time to debate, Just make your way to the departure gate, Grab your things, grab whatever you can, Forget about all of your fellow man…We've gotta go, find somewhere to populate, Evacuate the planet.” To the poignant ‘I Quit, The End,’ “And I can't pretend, That I wanna try and make amends, So this is the end, The end of everything, As we know it to be, The end of everything, As we know it to be.”

I am very excited to see what is next for Chris From Space. Make sure you grab a costume and head over to The Lodge on Friday, October 26th to celebrate the album!