CATL. Release Record Number 5 at Urban Artifact

CATL. have been touring Canada, the U.S. and Europe for the better part of a decade, and are now ready to drop their 5th LP of 10 rock‘n’roll bangers! Sarah K. crushing the stand-up drum kit and Jamie Fleming rockin’ the old Gretsch archtop. These rhythm n’ blues howlers are proud to present ‘Bide my time until I die…’ out NOW on Romanus Records in North America and Beast Records in Europe!

Catch CATL. At Urban Artifact this Sunday! 

The band decided to record in 3 studios and allow a different engineer to stamp their own original recording techniques on the tracks they were assigned. Adam Hill at Sam Phillips Studio (Memphis), Jeff McMurrich at Sonology (Toronto), and Walter Sobczak at Revolution Studios (Toronto) all individualized CATL.’s songs with their own interpretation of the band’s sound. 

Slammin’ and raw, the new record still had some room for long-time collaborator Pete Ross to spice things up with some of that good time harmonica skronkin’!