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Jenny March at the Just Show Up Show 2018

Tomorrow, an epic FREE show is happening at Sawyer Point Park. Head down to see Sir SlyArkells, Madison Beer, Fitness, Loote, The Orphan The Poet, Silent Rival, and Liberty Deep Down, and Jenny March! Prior to the Western & Southern WEBN Fireworks show, the Project 100.7/106.3 and KISS 107.1 Just Show Up Show is the only place you need to be this Sunday. 

LA based pop vocalist and Cincinnati native Jenny March is one of pop’s most exciting newcomers. Jenny is hot off the release of her sun-soaked single “Talk To Me.” “Talk To Me” is Jenny’s second single and has garnered over 153K Spotify streams, in addition to gaining radio spins at dozens of stations!

We were ecstatic to sit down with Jenny March prior to the show tomorrow!

How does it feel to be coming back to Cincinnati to play such a great show?

It’s very nostalgic and I’m just so grateful to KISS FM for this opportunity. It’s really cool how invested they are in artists from their home state. 

What can your fans expect to witness from a live show?

Lots and LOTS of dancing. Definitely some hair flips… I’m just gonna have fun up there and I want everyone else to let loose also. 

I love how you write lyrics on your own terms, without caring what others think. I completely understand how growing up in (or around) Cincinnati, that is a hard thing to do when you are young. When did you realize you wanted to be your true self and put it all out there?

It’s definitely kind of a bubble, compared to LA. I was lucky enough to be able to travel and go to camp and stuff outside of Cincinnati, so I think the people I met there really helped influenced me to be whoever I wanted to be. Also, the experiences I had just opened me up to a whole new perspective. 

What are you looking forward to doing while back in Cincinnati?

Seeing my family and friends from back home. Also, just being able to show them what I’ve been doing all these years in LA. They’ve never seen me perform yet, so I’m really excited.

What is next for Jenny March?

I’m going to Greece with my family the day after my show, so I’m pretty stoked for that. Other than that, just writing more music, figuring out what songs to release next, and playing more and more shows!