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Carole Walker & The Bittertones Step Into The Spotlight In 2018!

Stunningly soulful singer/songwriter Carole Walker has already enjoyed an incredible career filled with awards, accolades, and amazing songs.  From her powerfully artistic & highly expressive vocals to her passionate guitar playing, she’s had the opportunity to entertain the people directly with her talent & music throughout the years – a gift that she couldn’t possibly be more thankful or grateful for, truly.

After working closely with producer Jared Schneider on her brand-new EP Falling Is Fun– Carole made the bold decision to pursue a full-band sound to bring her new ideas vibrantly to life.  Jared would go on to play a majority of the instruments & contribute his own killer vocals to the title-track, and between their collaborative efforts, a sincere set of Carole’s signature folksy-funk music grew into a beautiful experience in music that could be completely enjoyed by one & all. A collection of songs that follow a connection from spark to ash; Falling Is Funis a pure representation of the artist Carole has become.

Backed by incredible support from the Columbus Songwriters Association, Columbus Music Commission, and Tell Collective – “Burn” became the album’s official lead-single & first full-length video.  Once again, the collaborative effort surrounding the entire process became an inspiration to Carole; the video for “Burn” came out looking spectacular and motivated her to continue to challenge herself as an artist and genuinely embrace her time in the spotlight.  To do it right…to do it the way that she always envisioned – it would take another bold step forward; Carole knew it was time to take everything to the next-level.

And so she did!  Through the unforgettable experience of creating the Falling Is Fun EP and the video for “Burn” – the collaborative spirit that had woven itself into the fabric of her career became essential.  The ability to translate that powerful feeling & connection to listeners became vital.  The need to create new music that was exciting, fresh, and soulfully empowering, became paramount.  Enlisting the assistance of an all-star crew of extraordinarily talented musicians, the vision became clear & a unified sound that celebrated music in all styles was born – they became Carole Walker & The Bittertones.

Join them as they continue to take on the world, one song at a time.

See her live at Lydia's on Ludlow this Friday, September 7!