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Bobby Mackey’s Celebrates 40 Years

Celebrating 40 years of real live fun country music. Bobby Mackey & the Best Damn Band. Same man, same band, same building. The way it was is still the way it is at Bobby Mackey's Wilder KY. The Capital of country music.

The Anniversary Celebration is this Friday and Saturday from 7p – 2:30a! Get ready to dance the night away with Bobby Mackey & the Best Damn Band, bull rides, ghost tours, line dancing, and karaoke!

Mackey has had music bubbling through his veins since birth. "Out of everything in my life, music has always meant the most." Beginning as a small child singing along with the jukebox in his father's grocery store. He picked up the guitar at the age of 4, learning the songs of his first favorite country musician, Hank Williams Sr. His oldest brother gave him the Roy Rogers guitar (that he still owns) and history was in the making. Mackey moved north from his hometown of Lewistown, KY after high school to Covington in order to work on the railroad but music was always his first priority. He attended jam sessions on Sundays at local bars. Someone told Red Jenkins about Mackey, "…and it was a perfect fit. I had never met any of the guys before. Red called me and asked me to be at this club. I showed up with my guitar and I like to say that we shook hands and ended up playing music." They ended up playing at clubs such as The Apple in Woodland, Boulevard in Springdale, and The Chuck Inn in Highland Heights. They played out for over an 8-year span and then Mackey decided to get his own club. He found the place in Wilder that fit the bill and now 40 years later here we are...