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Matt Waters Gives it All

Matt Waters is a local singer/songwriter with a soulful energy and infectious stage performance. He recently released a fantastic video for the single, “Cooking Me Up” off of his debut album and is preparing to go on tour!

Check out the video for “Cooking Me Up!”I dare you to not dance along, crave some fried chicken, or both. 

Catch Matt Waters at Beats, Arts & Eats this Saturday at Blue Ash Town Square!  We were delighted to chat with Matt Waters prior to the gig this Saturday! 

Tell us about the inspiration behind the single, “Cooking Me Up”

Cooking is mainly a product of just digging deeper into soul and funk music and trying to understand what I really loved about it. At the heart of it, the energy was what I found so compelling. Then I just sat down on the back porch one day with a particular groove in mind and then the song was done in about 15 minutes. As it became part of the set, I started to learn how to bring that energy it deserved so when we hit the studio things just came together the right way.

Where are you headed for your fall tour? Do you have a kick-off date planned in town?

Not all the dates are locked in, but for our confirmed shows we are as far north as Baltimore and as far south as Orlando. In between we've got Bowling Green, Indianapolis, and at some other stops. We don't have a set kickoff night, but we do have a Saturday night at Blue Ash Square coming up on August 25th where we are playing almost everything off the new album and it's right by the neighborhood I grew up so a great opportunity to play for a crowd of familiar faces

What can fans expect when they see Matt Waters live?

Anymore, whatever I've got I'm giving. It's all about being in that moment at the shows, and it's easy when you've got the kinda band I have behind me. They're as good as it gets, and it's allowed me to find myself in the music as a listener and then I got to respond to the audience as part of the band. Having them has allowed me to give all of the emotions, excitement, and effort to the audience. 

What is next for Matt Waters?

There's so much in the works that it's hard to guess at what will be happening next; really all I want to do is to put my perspective to music in a way that clicks for listeners. I've been stuck on a great Keith Richard's quote which is "The legend part is easy. It's living that's hard". My way of interpreting that is, life's experience is the ultimate inspiration, and the greatest artists are the ones who capture that in its finest. So, my plan is to keep writing and playing from the heart so that I can help write the soundtrack of someone's day. There's definitely a summer tour coming in 2019 as well as another album that is almost written so hopefully good things on the way.