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Lung Home from Epic National Tour with Sinister New Music

Lung are headed back from their tour of the West Coast with over 70 performances in two months. The powerhouse electric cello and drum duo are set to release their sophomore album, All the King’s Horses, on September 8, 2018 at Urban Artifact. The evening will also serve as a book release for local rock star mixologists: Kristen Kreft and Maya Lou Banatwala. Their new book, Rocktails: An Amped Up Spin On Mixology, features recipes of specialty cocktails created by the pair alongside content about Cincy’s local music scene. The Album and book release party will be a free, all-ages event, with local bands Carriers and Proud Parents. 

All the King’s Horses marks a shift from Lung’s first album, Bottom of the Barrel. The content was largely influenced by the band’s experiences from their national tours. “We’re excited that it [the new album] is going to be out of our heads and into the world.” Wakefield explains, “The album is a reflection of what we, Daisy, Rachelle, and myself have experienced as a band touring around this confusing and awesome country. It is a snapshot of what we have seen, lived-through, and what’s been shared with us. The record aims to take you on a journey of personal and shared struggles and goes to some pretty vulnerable places. I hope that people listening to the record get some sort of cathartic release by the end of it.” 

Sonically the album has a dark, biting edge. Kate Wakefield (vocals, cello) and Daisy Caplan (drums) have developed a powerful, sinister sound created from total immersion into music culture and life on the road. Thematically, the record has a wide range, with songs directly confronting issues of consent such as “Brock” and “All the King’s Horses” in addition to more fantastical narratives of reality as in “Spiders” and a few pointed anti-love songs. The art for Lung directly reflects these intense experiences. Their artist, Rachelle Caplan, interprets the music visually in real-time as songs are being written and consistently tours with the band. 

All the King’s Horses was recorded by Cincinnati native, John Hoffman (of Vacation and Swim Team) and mastered by Alex Hug, a recording engineer who been a musical partner of Wakefield for years. The album was one of the last to be recorded at Ultra Suede Studios, a studio rich with Cincinnati music history. Lungwill be partnering up with SofaBurn Records for the release. “We are so excited to be working with a label that has put out records for so many bands that we love,” says Wakefield when asked about the partnership. Sofaburn’s roster includes other touring artists such as R. Ring, Jeremy Pinnel, Ampline, ADM and The Tillers. 

Lung, which formed in April of 2016 and includes Daisy Caplan on drums, has played over 250 shows to date. Known for their live shows, they are looking forward to returning to the West Coast, hitting spots old and new. “I’m excited to play places we’ve never been before, to see every part of this country,” says Daisy. The two are not new to the road. Both have performed in multiple touring projects. Kate has been writing and performing solo since 2014. Daisy was a core member of the prolific rock band, Foxy Shazam and feminist punk band, Babe Rage. 

Lung’s fever-pitched touring schedule backing their debut release earned them spots at National festivals such as SXSW and Nelsonville Music Festival. “SXSW was a whirlwind. We got to hear so much music, played 10 shows in five days and met so many amazing people” says Wakefield on the impressive flurry of shows played at the fest. Their enigmatic and magnetic live shows have caught the eye of many music blogs, including Pop Matters, who listed the band as ‘one of the 5 Must-See-Artists at Nelsonville Music Festival’. 

When asked about what we can expect for the next record, Wakefield hinted at heavier thematic material. “This next record is going to bring something different. A lot has happened in the world since our first release (Bottom of the Barrel, Spring 2017) and this album reflects that intensity.” Tracks from All the King’s Horses show a maturation in the band’s songwriting and an evolution in content. There is a more demanding and provocative edge to the record that illustrates undeniable feelings of paranoia and unease with the onset of the Trump presidency. “We were in Texas during the election. Nobody could believe it. We were playing small towns and big cities alike. The feeling was intense; a new ‘uncomfortable normal’ began to take over,” said Wakefield on the experience.

Saturday, September 8th

Rocktails Book Release | Lung Album Release

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