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Family And Friends are Bringing Unadulterated Fun to Madison Live

Athens, GA indie-rock group Family And Friends will be at Madison Live on September 18th in support of their acclaimed independent debut Felix Culpa! Following two EP’s in 2014 and 2015, Family And Friends have firmly established who they are on their new album.

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Whereas Family And Friends’ first EP focused heavily on love, and the second on nostalgia, Felix Culpa is caught somewhere between adolescence and adulthood. The new album tackles existential questions with sharply introspective and observant lyrics, while pushing the band’s sound forward with an injection of tribal rhythms, indie-pop and psychedelia.

Family And Friends has been flying under the radar for years, building a solid, grassroots following across the southeast with epic live performances that feature infectious anthems, a communal atmosphere and two electrifying drummers who create pulsating rhythms while they stand facing each other. The band's performances are pure, unadulterated fun with a familiarity that is immediately endearing and a lightning bolt of enthusiasm that is undeniably gratifying. 

Family And Friends

Madison Live

Tuesday, September 18th

7p Doors / 8p Show