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Donuts N’ Akahol Release Season Three

Donuts N’ Akahol is a fantastic interview series on YouTube in which Graval Baehr and Branden Tatum give a platform for musicians, artists, and creators in Cincinnati to express themselves and connect with the audience. Their third season is premiering on Thursday, August 2nd! This season they interview artists such as MoonbeauAudleyLantana, Jayme Shaye, and many more!

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Baehr graduated with a Music Management degree from Hocking College, and there he hosted a radio program which spotlighted over 50 artists. After coming back to Cincinnati after college, he noticed in the time he had been away, the music scene had completely changed. Baehr teamed up with Tatum, who had a similar idea of an interview series and the rest is history!

The goal of Donuts N’ Akahol is to provide artists with a platform to engage with audiences and share their story. They, as we do, want people to recognize Cincinnati as a music city!