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39th Annual Old Timer’s Day Festival in Rabbit Hash

This is the 39th year of celebrating the amazing town of Rabbit Hash, KY that has thrived on the banks of the Ohio since 1831. The annual festival takes place this Saturday September 1st & features local bands, food vendors, artists, and general merrymaking.

Back in February of 2016, the General Store in Rabbit Hash went up in flames. Most of us watched the news break on our phones and spent the rest of the evening grief stricken while the news of the destruction unfolded. The community came together to rebuild and today the general store in Rabbit Hash is stronger than ever. 

If you have never been to Old Timer’s Day Festival, you need to get there. Honestly, it will change your whole way of life. 

11:30a Rabbit Hash String Band

1:00p Anna Scala 

2:30p Willie Eames

4:00p Jake Speed & Freddies 

5:30p Marmalade Brigade

6:30p Keshvar Project Belly Dance

7:30p The Pedigos 

8:45p Star Devils

10:00p Amy McFarland and the Arrangement

Bring the kids | carpooling is highly recommended | no coolers