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Telehope Release Hello to the Now

Telehope recently released their second full-length album, Hello to the Now! The album is uplifting, inspiring, infectious, and full of number one hits in the making!  

Listen to the new album, Hello to the Now.

We have nothing but the utmost respect for this talented, hardworking band. It was a pleasure to chat with Telehope prior to their album release show at Madison Theater on Friday, August 10th! Joining Telehope for the release show are two of our other favorite local bands Moonbeauand Daniel In Stereo! Madison Theater is THE place to be on August 10th.  

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Tell us about the recording process of Hello to the Now. What does this new album mean to the band? 

Ben: This album represents our thoughts and our hearts over the past year and a half. We’ve all experienced anxiety and depression, but we have some friends that it hits especially hard. Hello to the Nowis almost a note of encouragement to those friends, and all who listen, that life has its struggles and can beat us down but there is always hope, and always a way out! It also means I get to put another CD on my studio wall! It represents months of dedicated work and we feel a great sense of accomplishment for it to finally be done.

Mark: The writing/recording process for this album was a lot of hard work, but it’s so rewarding to release something that we created together. We are extremely proud of every song on this album, and we’re excited to see what opportunities this new record brings us.

What is your favorite part of being a part of the Cincinnati Music scene?

Mark: The amount of respect and support all of the local bands have for each other is one of my favorite things! We try to go to as many local shows as we can to support other local musicians cause we’re all out here putting in work together.

Adolph: There’s a lot of history here in the music scene and we hope to follow in the footsteps of Walk The Moon, originally from Cincinnati.

Ben: It’s definitely a community we’re building together in addition to building the scene. It’s never felt like a competition but friend’s working together!

What can fans expect at the release show?

Ben: To me the most important aspect about a live show is the visual aspect. We have some incredible production team members working with us to create an amazing visual experience that no local band has ever done before. When you go to your favorite band’s concert, it’s an all-around amazing experience. We want to bring those same experiences to the local level and inspire all who come to our show. Did I mention the word “experience”?

Adolph: We are putting in many completely full days working on designing a show that is far more than just a collection of songs-- you won’t want to miss it! 

What is next for Telehope? 

Our album release show at Madison Theater on August 10th which is gonna be incredible. We have Moonbeau and Daniel In Stereo opening for us, so it’s gonna be an amazing night of music! Other than that, we’ll be playing out of state a bit over the next few months, and hopefully release some alternate versions of Hello to the Now songs!