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New Sincerity Works at The Woodward Theater

New Sincerity Works bring a rare full-band experience to the Woodward Theater tonight, with support by Young Colt and Pike 27.

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NSW’s third album, Wonder Lust, was released last September. In their first full-band show of 2018, singer-songwriter Mike Tittel’s New Sincerity Worksanchor a lineup of “ultra-original top quality indie music” at the Woodward Theater. Tittel’s songs radiate from the stage with an earnest honesty befitting the “new sincerity” philosophy, and are skillfully fleshed out by a band of veteran Cincinnati music talent including Roger Klug, Greg Tudor, Bob Nyswonger, Mike Landis, and Lauren Bray. 

With every listen and every performance, NSW reaffirm their belief in music being truly authentic, genuine, and real; in other words, sincere. Like the headline of their official bio states, “We all know by now, that bands are fun,” a point made evident from the downbeat of one of their remarkable live performances.