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Chris Robinson Brotherhood Stay in the Moment

Chris Robinson Brotherhood are headed to The 20th Century Theatre on Sunday August 5th! Chris Robinson Brotherhood are what music is supposed to be. Honest, loud, and infectious. 

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Their latest album, the stellar Barefoot In The Head, finds them pushing boundaries and breaking new ground with more joy and wonder than ever before. Overspilling with stunning musicianship and infectious energy, the album showcases the continued growth of Chris Robinson’s songwriting partnership with his bandmates (guitarist Neal Casal, drummer Tony Leone, keyboardist Adam MacDougall, and bassist Jeff Hill) and revels in the kind of adventurousness that can only come from five artists tuned into the same sonic wavelength.

With that recording just barely a year behind them, The CRB have already commenced work on their next studio album at Brotherhood Arts Laboratory in Unicorn, CA. "Venus In Chrome" and "The Chaffeur's Daughter,"recent staples of CRB live sets, are among songs expected to be featured on the collection. A release date for the album has yet to be determined.

"The music that we make, the concerts that we play, it's this world we've created for ourselves and our people," explains Robinson. "The idea of it being a commercial enterprise or about popularity or about anything superficial is so far removed from what makes it go for us. We don’t have the weight of responsibility or nostalgia, which means we're in the very psychedelic situation of getting to be totally honest and create everything in the moment. That's freedom."