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Too Many Zooz is for Everyone

The sensational “Brass House” band Too Many Zooz are bring their Zen Arcade tour to The Taft Theatre on Wednesday, June 20th

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The trio, a busking phenomenon in the subways of New York City for the past few years, has released four EPs since 2014 and dropped their first full-length Subway Gawdz this past summer. Their unique sound somehow manages to smash together jazz, Afro-Cuban rhythms, funk and even EDM structures and house music. They've racked up millions of views of their amazing live videos on YouTube which showcase the very physical playing of dancing, pompadoured baritone sax prodigy Leo P.,trumpeter extraordinaire Matt Doe, and distinctive percussionist King of Sludge.

At the 2016 CMA Awards, one sound burst from the stage like a thunderquake. Performing her hit, “Daddy Lessons,” Beyonce enlisted Dixie Chicks, and innovative trio Too Many Zooz, the latter having originally recorded the song on the star’s Lemonade album. Straight out of NYC, Too Many Zooz brought the sound of the street to Beyoncé’s glittering musical revue, the gritty trio an inventive group expressing a unique polyglot style.

“We pride ourselves that nearly every person of every color, creed and background and upbringing can find something in our music to relate to,” Matt Doe says. “Someone from Cuba can say ‘I hear Cuban music in the cowbells.’ Someone into death metal will enjoy it next to a grandmother who hears it as old swing music. Others hear Klezmer. Whatever people want to hear in our music they can seemingly find it.”