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To the Faithful Departed: A Tribute to the music of Dolores O’Riordan

To the Faithful Departed, a tribute to the music of Dolores O’Riordan and The Cranberries, a concert honoring the much-beloved band and its late lead singer, will take place this Saturday, June 30, in the Sanctuary at The Southgate House Revival. Ticket proceeds will benefit Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health.

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Margaret Darling—formerly of Cincinnati band The Seedy Seeds, approached Morrella Raleigh of The Southgate House Revival about hosting the event after discovering no other like it was scheduled in the area. Said Darling, “I thought ‘Am I missing something? Surely, somebody must be putting something together.’ So, I asked my bandmate Shannon, who is more tapped into the world than I am, about it. She was just as surprised to realize there wasn't.” Darling continued, “To be honest, as a performer, I never thought I'd be putting a tribute show together. However, I felt like something really should be done by someone, so here we are.”  

The concert will feature songs performed by local and regional musicians, including Molly Sullivan, Scot Torres, Yusef Quotah, Chicago-area band Deja Vuey, and Margaret Darling, in addition to others. “Putting this show together has been really cool,” said Darling, “every act on the bill has their own story of what The Cranberries has meant to them or how the band has influenced them.”

O’Riordan, who died January 15, 2018, at the age of 46, is known to have suffered from depression and struggled with addiction. “It was very important to me that this show benefit a local organization involved with helping people affected by mental health issues and/or addiction—which I think is really relevant to Cincinnati,” said Darling. “So, I’m really grateful for the support for this event, and the opportunity to partner with Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health Services.” 

There will be a special ‘90s alt-rock karaoke hosted by Hotwheels Entertainment karaoke with Bree in The Southgate House Revival’s Lounge following the show, giving audience members the chance to sing their favorite tunes from The Cranberries’ heyday.

Saturday, June 30th

The Southgate House Revival

Ticket Prices: $10 advance, $12 day of show. 100% of ticket proceeds will benefit Greater Cincinnati Behavioral Health Services