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Teach Me Equals Headed to The Comet

Teach Me Equals are touring in support of the recent release Fix History, a record that encapsulates the overwhelming anxiety and sheer terror the band experienced while touring the US over the turbulent past few years. You can catch them at The Comet on Sunday, June 24th with Josiah Wolf!

Brief as it is, Fix History is a fully immersive listening experience that runs the gauntlet of human emotion. Greg Bortnichak (cello, programming, vocals) writes: “This record is a meditation on the active construction of truth; how that works, who it empowers, and who it oppresses. The title is not a call for heroism, but for conscientious reflection on and formation of the narratives we embrace and disseminate in everyday life. It is a call to question not only where you fit in in the big picture, but how and where you wish to actively mark the canvas itself.”

"Reminiscent of electronic artists like The xx, but with an edgier, industrial-meets-orchestral vibe. - Culture Collide