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Review: Dave Matthews Band

Dave Matthews is a living legend. His band’s music is one that is best delivered live. A Dave Matthews Band concert in Cincinnati is more than a concert, it’s an event. 

Upon walking into the venue, fans are already making friends. Asking each other how many Dave shows they have attended and what song do they hope to hear tonight. We all have our favorites, but “#41,” “Dancing Nancies,” and “All Along the Watchtower” are among the favorites. Given the expansive DMB catalog, it is rare everyone gets to hear every song they want. 

Dave Matthews, Carter Beauford, Stefan Lessard, Tim Reynolds, Jeff Coffin, Rashawn Ross and recent addition Buddy Strong took the stage about a half past 8 o’clock on a beautiful Thursday evening at Riverbend Music Center. After the first song, “That Girl Is You,” Dave greeted the crowd, “Hello. I like it here. We thought we would take a dip in the river and come out and sing a few songs. When we are done here we are going to go take a ride on that ferris wheel.”

This year's summer tour is built around their new album, Come Tomorrowthat is being released today! The band sprinkled in new songs and they were well received. It’s obvious that they are new classics in the making. Dave exclaimed to the crowd, “Thank you for coming tonight. Tomorrow well… I guess at midnight or so we have a new record coming out.” 

Dave and his band took their time moving from song to song, working in long keyboard breaks and extended solos. The crowd vibed and swayed along with every minute of it. If anything, the level of comfort the group shows onstage is a nod to the band’s maturity. Dave joked with the audience between songs, and his voice never wavered from the quality we can all expect from him. 

The level of respect that Dave has for his fans is admirable. After almost every song he delivers his signature, “Thank you, thank you very much for coming out.” No, thank you Dave. Cincinnati is already counting down the days to the next DMB show. 

Check out photos from the show HERE!


That Girl Is You

When the World Ends


Dancing Nancies



Can't Stop

Jimi Thing

Sexy M.F.

Fool to Think

Samurai Cop (Oh Joy Begin)

Hello Again


You & Me

The Idea of You

Tripping Billies

Lying in the Hands of God


Louisiana Bayou


Smooth Rider