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Cincinnati Public Radio Welcomes Radio Artifact to 91.7

Wanting to bring outstanding independent music from local and national artists to more music lovers in the Greater Cincinnati community, Cincinnati Public Radio and Urban Artifact are teaming up to bring Radio Artifact to on-air digital subchannel 91.7 WVXU-HD2 starting at noon on Tuesday, June 5, 2018.

Radio Artifact is part of Northside's Urban Artifact brewery and broadcasts on 1660 AM and streams live at radioartifact.com. Urban Artifact founder Scott Hand conceived the station as a companion to their live music venue and as a vehicle for spreading the word about Cincinnati's vibrant music and performing arts scene. "We've made so many incredible connections listening and working with the local performing arts community, that an extension into radio was the next step to creating a bigger platform for artists to reach people," said Hand. "We're working on great programming and new plans to continue to build support for Cincinnati artists."

Listeners will be able to hear Radio Artifact on WVXU-HD2, as well as streaming on wvxu.org and on the free WVXU mobile app, beginning at noon on June 5, 2018. "The AAA format is most often found on public radio stations around the country, and we look forward to bringing Radio Artifact's unique take on the format, and their focus on local musicians, to more listeners," said Richard Eiswerth, Cincinnati Public Radio president and general manager.