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Charlie Millikin Releases New Single

Charlie Millikin recently announced the release of his latest single “Broken.” Written and produced by Charlie and his father Bill Millikin and recorded at their CMP Studios, the single is an introspective look at love and relationships. 

Check out the song & the video.

Born into a family of musicians, singers and songwriters, Charlie's unquenchable passion for great music and melodies seemed only natural. He grew up listening to Earth Wind and Fire, Stevie Wonder, and The Doobie Brothers among other greats, so it’s no surprise that by the age of 6 he was singing and performing with his siblings for family and friends. It wasn't until high school though that he really got the bug, and flourished. At 18 he picked up the guitar and hasn't looked back, playing solo gigs while working and attending school.

In 2013, 2014 and 2016 Charlie was contacted by the producers of the TV show “The Voice” and invited to audition in Chicago, Dallas and Nashville. He also recently won “Best Original Pop Song” and “Best Original Singer/Songwriter Song” in the 2016 Ohio Music Awards AND the overall Grand Prize in the Songdoor 2016 International Songwriting Competition with his original song “Change Me”

Charlie will be opening for Lexington Singer/Songwriter Will Solomon at a house concert in Covington, KY on June 8.

You can also check out Charlie’s new bi-weekly podcast, “We Create”, on iTunes now where he sits down with producers, directors, musicians, singers or anyone else who creates (both local and national) to talk about what it takes to do what you love in today’s world.