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A Delicate Motor Album Release at Northside Tavern

Fresh off their performance with The National at this year's Homecoming Festival, Cincinnati experimental-pop band A Delicate Motor has a released a new music video for their single "Fall Out."  The track is from their upcoming album Fellover My Own, which is set to be released on June 29th via SofaBurn Records at Northside Tavern

A Delicate Motor is a sound composition and live performance project by Adam Petersen. Using keyboard instruments, human voice, and various percussion thru a loop station, ADM composes by way of energetic improvisation, live layering and meditations on the repetition of loops.

Originally a solo, loop-based songwriting effort from Petersen, A Delicate Motor expanded to a full band last year for the creation of Fellover My Own. The album features guitar and bass work from Stephen Patota (Lazy Heart, Naytronix, The Happy Maladies), and the drumming and production prowess of Ben Sloan (Lazy Heart, Naytronix, WHY?). Additionally, the live ensemble is fortified by the presence of Brianna Kelly (guitar, voice), Rachel Mousie (keys, voice) and Libby Landis (voice).

Partway through the song, you can hear the sounds of a bicycle, which belonged to the deceased childhood friend of vocalist and sole composer Adam Petersen. As such, it's one of the most intimate and introspective tracks on the album, and the video offers an almost therapeutic accompaniment.

'Fall Out' is a gentle reminder to live with ease and not to be burdened by personal vices, habits and triggers," says Petersen. "Although I live with fears and traumas, I encourage myself to fall out from harmful patterns of thought and feeling in order to heal. The message in 'Fall Out' is really a microcosm of this entire album of music."