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Lillie Mae Set to be the Rising Star of Bunbury

Lillie Mae has been singing and playing on stages across the country since she could stand on two feet and it certainly shows. Her latest album, Forever and Then Some (produced by Jack White) affirms that she is a gifted musical storyteller. 

You can catch Lillie Maeat Bunbury Music Festival on Sunday, June 3rdDownload the app to create your own personal schedule & get a notification when it's time to head over to the Yeatman’s Cove Stage for Lillie’s set. 

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Lillie Mae was born in Illinois but grew up on the road. Her dad, Forrest Carter Rische taught all five of his kids to sing and play alongside him in his Forrest Carter Family Band. With few friends and limited access to the outside world, Lillie Mae and her siblings forged a special bond that remains to this day, a deeply ingrained familial link that fueled their own original musical approach. In 2000, the family was invited by country music legend Cowboy Jack Clement to visit Nashville for an audition. Clement saw tremendous potential in the young musicians, especially the pre-teen Lillie Mae, who he declared “a major voice” at the tender age of nine.

In 2012, she joined Jack White’s crack touring and recording combo, The Peacocks, playing fiddle and mandolin while also lending vocals to such tracks as “Temporary Ground,” from 2014’s LAZARETTO. The two musicians formed an immediate kinship, both being the youngest children of large families and instrumental polymaths. 

“I’ve been writing these songs my whole life,” Lillie Mae says, “I was blessed with someone that believed in me and gave me the opportunity to record them. Now I’ll get on the road. That’s all I want, I long for it. Touring is where I feel most comfortable in the world. The happiest I could ever be would be to have a gig every day.”

You do not want to miss this rising star at Bunbury Music Festival.