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Incubus returns to The Queen City for Bunbury Music Festival

The Multi-Platinum artists are back to Cincinnati again for The Bunbury Music Festival on Saturday, June 2nd at 9:45p on the Yeatman’s Cove Stage. (Download the app to view official set times & locations.)

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Impressive vocals, and multi-genre influenced grooves have kept this High Energy Band going strong since 1991. Backed by a funky rhythm section of Jose Pasillas on drums, Ben Kenney on Bass, and DJ Kilmore on turntables and synths, vocalist Brandon Boyd and Guitarist Mike Einziger lay down catchy lyrics and guitar riffs, which may have you scratching your head asking, “What genre are these guys?” In my eyes there is only good music and bad music, and this band is just good music. 

These guys are no strangers to Cincinnati. They’ve been here in the past for The Warped Tour, Lollapalooza, and multiple other shows. This is their first trip here for Bunbury, but I’d expect the same energy this band has given us each time they’ve been here.

Their latest studio album, simply titled 8, is out now and is as good as any Incubus album to date. 

Make sure you catch Incubus on Saturday, June 2ndat 9:45 on the Yeatman’s Cove Stage!