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Dump Trump 3: The Awakening

On Saturday, June 9thbe prepared for a night of three stages of excellent music and comedy at The Southgate House Revival to benefit Proclaim Justice. Rumor has it that FREE Cheetos will be provided. 

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We sat down with Brad Sabbath, the organizer of Dump Trump to find out more about him and the event. 

What prompted you to start the annual Dump Trump Benefit?

I have been doing some sort of charity event since 2001. Using my resources and promotional skills to help others is something I really enjoy doing. I was going thru a really difficult time in my life. My relationship with someone I cared deeply about was coming to a close. I needed something to focus on and get myself out of bed every morning. So, the idea to do this was to try and stop Trump from getting elected. Raise awareness. Piss off trolls and his supporters. Figured they couldn’t complain about a show for charity even if it was called Dump Trump. I was wrong, they found ways to complain. I also thought there would be one Dump Trump event and that would be it. Was shocked he won. So here I am getting ready to run the third event. Also, was really sick of everyone just being politically passionate on social media but not doing much aside from just complaining into an echo chamber on Facebook. 

Do you feel that the current political environment has strengthened the arts?

Yes, but art seems to be supported less because it’s bogged down by the echo chamber of social media and memes. I have to dig through social media to find out where the art is. It’s harder to get art out there and to get people to support it.

What made you choose Proclaim Justice as the beneficiary this year? 

One of the founders of Proclaim Justice is a person by the name of Jason Baldwin who was part of the West Memphis Three. Jason is now free and devoting his life to Proclaim Justice.

I was a supporter of the West Memphis Three for many years. Staged a few benefits. I finally got to meet Jason and got to interview him for a live discussion in front of 300 people in Atlanta. Jason is one of the most incredible, kind, smart, and inspiring people I have ever met. Went into prison at 16 years old for crimes he didn’t commit. Spent close to 20 years inside and was released due to the Alford Plea which still makes me mad but at least he is out and walking free. We are close in age. While I was out seeing the world and growing up he was in prison. It breaks my heart. 

Tell as a little bit more about Brad Sabbath, Comedian and social warrior… 

My life is pretty boring when I am not planning this event. I am usually at a show or spreading the gospel of Michael McDonald. Yes, that Michael McDonald. All kidding aside, I hope my event inspires others to do more benefit shows. Hoping to show other show bookers, bands, musicians, festivals, etc… that more diversity is needed. The boys club mentality of things needs to be changed. I’m trying to do that. Also, sitting around and yelling about the state of the world on Facebook doesn’t do much. We gotta get out there more. I always like to say, “The revolution will not be Facebooked.”

Saturday, June 9th

Dump Trump 3: The Awakening

The Southgate House Revival


Breaking Glass

Bullet To Blame



Mike Farmer


Good Blood

Howell Dawdy

Lipstick Fiction


Mason Hall Rhythm & Blues Revue

Office Party

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Useless Fox

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Jay Armstrong

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