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Don’t Miss Manchester Orchestra at Bunbury

Manchester Orchestra has been easily one of the best kept secret indie-rock bands for the over the past fourteen years. Although they have had a huge cult following, they only started to receive mainstream success with the release of their recent album, A Black Mile to the Surface

You can catch Manchester Orchestra at Bunbury Music Festival on Sunday, June 3rdDownload the app to view official set times & locations.

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We last saw Manchester Orchestra at Bunbury Music Festival in 2015. Manchester Orchestra was formed in 2004 by the son of a Baptist pastor of a mega-church named Andy Hull when he was 16.Check out Chris’s backstory of the band. To say that this band is impressive is an understatement. In 2007, Manchester Orchestra was invited to perform as the opening act on a tour with singer-songwriter Kevin Devine and Brand New, one of the most fiercely adored emo groups of the 21st century. Think about that, you are teenagers, your band is 3 years old and Kevin f*cking Devine and Brand New ask you to tour with them. 

If you miss Manchester Orchestraat Bunbury Music Festival, you will regret it forever!