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Arlo McKinley Back at Bunbury Music Festival

Lisa Sullivan

Arlo McKinley is one of the best singer/songwriters in Cincinnati. Don’t believe me? Check out 10 reasons why to listen to Arlo by a fellow singer/songwriter, Dan Van Vechten. 

You can catch ArloMcKinley at Bunbury Music Festival on Saturday, June 2ndDownload the app to create your own personal schedule & get a notification when it's time to head over to the Acoustic Sound Stage for Arlo’s set.

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Arlo McKinley plays good ole’ Americana folk music. The difference between him and many others in the same genre is the heartfelt lyrics, seasoned guitar playing, and the pain you can feel exuding from his soul in every song he sings. You can tell by listening that he has lived through the pain and come out on the other side to share it with the masses. 

Arlo McKinley is no stranger to Bunbury Music Festival. The last time he played (in 2016) the river stage and the crowd just kept getting larger and larger until it overflowed onto the sidewalks. It was a truly special set. Don’t miss out on Arlo McKinleyon Saturday at Bunbury Music Festival!