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X Ambassadors is a Show Not to Miss at Bogart’s

X Ambassadors are back in the Queen City at Bogart’s on Sunday, April 22nd! An X Ambassadors live show is not one to be missed. The energy they exude is contagious from start to finish. X Ambassadors released their debut major label EP, Love Songs Drug Songs in 2013 and have been on fire ever since.

It was an honor to talk to Adam Levin of X Ambassadors prior to the show on Sunday!

I have been a huge fan since early on and I have loved watching you grow. I really admire your work ethic, songwriting abilities, and stage performance. How do you stay consistent while still growing?
We stay consistent by just constantly working. With songwriting and playing music we have to go through a lot of trial and error. If you could hear our bad ideas that we don't release, you would think we were a lot less consistent! We just constantly create, and the quality material rises to the top.

Tell us about Joyful… Do you feel like you always have to “outdo” the last album, or do you just do what feels right?
“JOYFUL,” our new single and title track for our new album is definitely a step in a new direction in comparison to VHS. We have worked so hard on this record and we can't wait for everyone to hear it. We do feel that we need to outdo the last record, but we are also trying to do what just feels right to us. It's a constant mix of emotions between the two.

It seems as if you put a lot of yourself into your songwriting. I admire that. Can you tell us about your songwriting process?
Our songwriting process is always changing and evolving. Sometimes a song starts with a drum beat, or a chord progression and other times it starts with a vocal topline. Sam writes all of the lyrics and vocal melodies, and we all collaborate on the music and production. Sam writes from a very personal place. He writes about the things he and the band are experiencing and doesn't shy away from sensitive topics.

I love how in the past you have used your platform to speak up for women and raise money for Planned Parenthood and the ACLU. What prompted you to stand up and support?
We have always had our personal views and we use our band and the platform we have to help spread that message. We strongly believe in and support women's rights and do everything we can to support and speak up for women. It's not something we ever consciously decided, we just do what we believe in and what’s right.

New album, tour, what else can we expect from X Ambassadors in the future?
You can expect us to keep releasing new music, playing shows, and spreading peace and inclusivity through our music as much as possible!

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