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The Matildas Ready to Take Home the Prize

On Saturday, April 14th, The Matildas are opening at the Madison Theater Band Challenge Finals! They will be competing with 6 local bands for a chance to win some of the $6,000 in prizes up for grabs.

The Matildas are fronted by Sarah Mann, whose unique voice is strong and sincere. A singer songwriter for 15 years, she creates poetic tales that are rich in imagery and full of heart. Mann's once melancholy ballads have turned into anthems of hope. Her songs are elevated by the harmonious collaboration with Rachel Hodge a classically trained opera singer and pianist. Teamed with her husband Sam Hodge, whose ambient guitar swells and echoes, then howls and riffs. Sam plays along-side his brother, veteran punk bassist and producer Joe Hodge. The newest addition is drummer Zach Wilson who has been a driving force in the bands evolving sound.

Come cheer them on Saturday, April 14th at Madison Theater!
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