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Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio Lights Up Loveland for RSD

Seattle’s non-profit radio station KEXP put on a livestream of the Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio on their YouTube channel during the 2017 Upstream Music Fest. The video of the performance since has over 300,000 views, including views from Terry and Bob Cole of Colemine Records label and Plaid Room Records located in Loveland. Those YouTube views from the Cole brothers led to Colemine Records signing the group and creating a vinyl release of the KEXP set for RSD 2018. The Trio came to Plaid Room Records in Loveland to celebrate with a live set out on the patio.

The Trio plays that stanky-faced organ-based funky jazz that I came to love almost 15 years ago when I started college down in Mississippi within reach of the New Orleans music scene. Delvon Lamarr on his Hammond B3 was backed up by drummer David McGraw and complemented by guitarist Jimmy James to create a funky groove that compelled everyone within earshot to tap, shake, bob, and dance. There’s no bassist in the band- which is typical for a funk jazz trio but watching a talented organist like Delvon lay down both the bass line and organ melody simultaneously never gets old nor fails to impress. Jimmy James also occasionally left the jazz licks behind for some Jimi Hendrix-esque shredding that soared above the group for some crowd-pleasing moments.

If you missed out, the Plaid Room likely has in-store extras of the KEXP set for you to get experienced- plus if you haven’t made a visit out to the Loveland location, it’s bike trail-adjacent location in downtown Loveland is a destination for any music lover. As a Lovelander myself, I must say that the patio setting had a great ambiance for live music and I hope the Cole brothers ramp up use of this location with great original music.

Oh, and Colemine Records was recording this set live too…Record Store Day 2019?