INHAILER Radio Goes Live with Herzog Music Podcast, WNKU DJs, & More

Music brings people of different backgrounds and interests into the same headspace, igniting passions and inspiring the future. As listening methods and services change, music lovers want to connect to their favorite artists and their city in ways that are modern and convenient. INHAILER Radio is now bringing local audiences more of what they want.

INHAILER Radio has announced a partnership with Herzog Music to release the podcast “Lost On The River” as part of its new on-demand network. This show, which features Aaron Sharpe, formerly of WNKU, Elias Liesring of Eli’s Barbeque, and Bill Furbee of the Cincinnati USA Music Heritage Foundation, delves into Cincinnati’s music history and how it has shaped our present. “Lost On The River” is presented in conjunction with the non-profit Cincinnati USA Music Heritage Foundation.

Check out past episodes of “Lost On The River” to get to know what the podcast is about! We highly suggest episodes 3, 4, and 5.

Longtime fans of Cincinnati radio will recognize INHAILER Radio’s newest DJ: Matt “Sledge” Waller! Former assistant program director and local music director at beloved 97X WOXY, Sledge returned to the airwaves on WNKU. Famous (or infamous?) for his love of modern rock with a special spot in his heart for 80's new wave, Sledge will return to radio from 7 to 9 PM every Friday evening.

INHAILER Radio’s newest specialty program, United Waves, features hits both new and old from around the world. Yusef Quotah (formerly of the local band You, You’re Awesome!) and Mike Gibboney take you on a journey through international music every Sunday from 7pm-9pm.

As a new community broadcaster entering the Cincinnati market, INHAILER Radio promotes arts, culture, entertainment, and community activism through both a radio stream and a music journalism team. Listeners can go to to listen to the broadcast or download their mobile app.