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Graham Nash to Bring Career-Spanning Songs and Stories to Memorial Hall

Well, there's one thing to try, Everybody knows
Music gets you high, Everybody grows
And so it goes.

Graham Nash wrote those lyrics in 1974, and they mean as much to him now as they did over four decades ago. I recently got the chance to chat with rock and hall of famer and Grammy Award winning artist Graham Nash and discuss his upcoming show at Memorial Hall on March 13, and it was clear that he’s as passionate about music now as he’s ever been. When I spoke to Graham, he was one night into his current tour and was nothing less than excited.

It’s just me and my friend Shane Fontayn on guitar and Todd Caldwell on keyboard and we’re having a great time… I still have an incredible amount of passion for the music. I want [the audience] to know that I want to be there for them. I don’t need to do this, but I do. I’m a musician. I see things that I want to talk about and I want to talk to you about. I have a lot of music to make and a lot of stories to tell.

And the stories he has are fascinating. Graham will not only be playing songs from his 50+ years in music, but telling the stories such as the antique shop purchase that spawned his writing the Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young hit “Our House” or where his head was when he wrote “Teach Your Children Well.” Fans will also be treated to stories such as the conversation about the “nuclear police” over dinner with famed French conservationist/scientist Jacqueus Cousteau that spawned Nash’s well-documented anti-nuclear energy stance that I had the pleasure of hearing during our conversation. Furthermore, as one of the most poignant political voices in folk and rock and roll, Nash will have plenty to say about our current political climate.

[The Trump Administration] is setting us back 50 years, particularly in women’s issues. Quite frankly, America is an incredibly great country. I’ve been an American citizen for over 3 decades. I wanted to be a part of this country, to vote, to take place, to speak my mind as you can do in America. I’m not so sure that any of the stuff that me and David [Crosby] and Stephen [Stills] and Neil [Young] have been talking about all these years could have been done in a different country. America is a great country and we deserve better.

Graham Nash has made–and is continuing to make–a legendary career as a master storyteller through his songs spanning from the CSNY songs of the 60s and 70s to his most recent album This Path Tonight released in 2016. At Memorial Hall on March 13, he’ll treat us to those songs plus spoken word and more on what is sure to be a magical evening for music fans of all types and generations.

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