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Cincinnati's Musician Activist Award Winners at OCTAVE

Be inspired and rock the night away. Octave hosts the winners of Cincinnati's first Musician Activist Talent Search, sponsored by Music to Life (a national nonprofit that builds activism through music) and The Jerry Springer Podcast. Special guests Noel Paul Stookey (of the 60's folk trio, Peter, Paul & Mary) and Jerry Springer will offer special introductions at the top of the hour.

Organized by the national charity Music to Life, a creation of Stookey and his daughter Liz Sunde, Cincinnati's Activist Musician Talent Search attracted dozens of local artists. Representing diverse genres, these artists have formed creative, music-driven concepts around a multitude of issues that challenge Cincinnati including: gun violence, women's issues, environmental devastation, homelessness and drug abuse. As Sunde notes, Music to Life's vision is to encourage these artists as change agents and help them connect them with nonprofits, offering their music to help raise awareness, alleviate suffering and empower the most vulnerable citizens.

A single grand prize winner will receive $5k for their musical change concept and $5k in technical assistance from Music to Life; remaining finalists will receive cash awards for their music and social justice efforts.

Review Panelists for this activist musician search included: Noel Paul Stookey, Bootsy Collins, Ed Sawicki (Cincy Blues Society), Courtney Phenicie (CincyMusic), Ashley Maclin (WIZF FM) and Clara Stryker (Inhailer Radio).

You won't want to miss these talented finalists, together on the same stage for the first time:

Hear their award-winning songs, witness their rousing performances and join fellow fans and neighbors who believe in the vitality and resilience of our region.

Each of these artists has been recognized for a music-driven social change project they are facilitating in our local communities - in the areas of civil rights, environmental justice, youth empowerment, and suicide prevention. As newly awarded Activist Musicians, they will receive support and technical assistance to partner with nonprofits in the Cincinnati/Covington area and help raise awareness, spark action and empower vulnerable populations.

Sunday, March 4th at 9 pm
Octave Bar (611 Madison, Covington, KY)
Admission: Donations at the door (proceeds support Musician Activists)
Special Guests: Noel Paul Stookey (Peter, Paul & Mary) & Jerry Springer

Donations are gratefully accepted to support these and other national activist artists through Music to Life

See how music can build a better world and let your hope be rekindled!