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Ceramic Animal Join Local Faves Modern Aquatic at MOTR

Ceramic Animal are professionals. Just ask the hundreds of thousands who’ve already found them on Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, and the like. The self-described dad rock band is headed to Cincinnati for the first time this Sunday at MOTR Pub with Modern Aquatic. It’s free, no excuse to miss out on this one.

We were excited to get to know Ceramic Animal prior to the show.

What can we expect at a live show?
Alright three truths and a lie...

  • A couple of nasty boys in matching suits
  • Your favorite hits off "The Cart" with some added french pastry
  • Some of our new tracks, and a couple Ceramic Animal Live Show Exclusives™
  • A supergroup team-up with Modern Aquatic for an end-to-end cover of Cat Stevens' double album "Teaser and the Firecat" as an encore

Let us know if you can spot the lie. We don't want to give anything away–all we can say is don't leave this one early... ;)

Its about damn time you all played here, what took so long?!
Honestly, there is no good excuse and we will accept full responsibility. All we can hope at this point is you will forgive us, so we can move forward amicably. But seriously, everyone we have worked with in helping put this show together has been awesome. Can't wait to get out there.

What is next for Ceramic Animal?
Poppin' down to SXSW in a few weeks, should be a trip. They even featured us as "artist of the day" last week which was unexpected and awesome. Come say hi if any of you are down in Austin.

Also, we're pretty excited about this new album we're wrapping up–we're liking how things are shaking out and pumped to share it with you all...Oh, and booking our next show in Cincinnati.