Jacob Sartorius: Musical.ly to Popstar

What does a typical fifteen-year-old’s resume look like? Would it include a debut single reaching the Hot 100 charts in both the U.S. and Canada or a debut album charting Scotland, New Zealand, Ireland, and Australia? How about four tours throughout the globe in cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Sydney, and Paris? Would it list nominations for Teen Choice Awards, Kids’ Choice Awards, Radio Disney Awards, and People’s Choice Awards? Rolf Jacob Sartorius has quite the resume for a fifteen-year-old.

Born in Oklahoma in 2002, but raised by adopted parents in Reston, Virginia, Jacob fell in love early with music and acting, learning and perfecting his craft by performing in musicals in the Community Theater. However, his big break and rise to stardom came from lip-syncing to music on Musical.ly, instantly becoming pop singer, songwriter, and guitarist. Due to his talent as an all-around entertainer, he soon had over 20 million followers. Not only has Jacob been popular on Musical.ly, he was a social media popstar. His charm, commitment, and engagement on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube created his own path to being a celebrity.

Jacob’s music is just as genuine as his character. His lyrics describe the everyday struggles of adolescence, particularly falling in love, following out of love, and being rejected by love. In his first album, The Last Text, Jacob takes this nonteen back to her teenage days of New Kids on the Block and Hanson, with his catchy debut hit, Sweatshirt. This lullaby love song makes any teenage girl swoon when your crush wants you to wear his sweatshirt “cuz you’re the only one I hold I don’t want you to be cold.” Although this song along with Chapstick and Last Text make you warm and fuzzy, Jacob steps up his game and adds a beat and the melody of a popular nursery rhyme to his serenading with Bingo, a song with is easy to dance and sing along to. In his second and most recent album, Left Me Hangin, Jacob collaborates with Blackbear, creating Hit Me Back, where they tell of a story we have all been through, the heartbreak of a girl not returning a boy’s advances. Both albums have easily relatable lyrics, full of teenage thoughts and feelings.

Jacob has just begun his music career and is already a star, starting the 2018 year out right, with a sold-out world tour. Come see his positive energy and passion for making people laugh along with me and other adolescences of all ages January 29th at the 20th Century Theatre!

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