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Jacob Sartorius Didn’t Leave Us Hangin’ On His Left Me Hangin’ Tour

Jacob Sartorius gave fans a high five, followed by a low five, and ended with a fist bump at 20th Century Theatre Monday night. Jacob attracted a crowd outweighed by young ladies, from five to sixteen, accompanied by parents, boyfriends, and friends. For some fans, this might have been their first concert. For my cousin, Preston, this was his first concert. Like many of his peers, Preston discovered Jacob on YouTube, being entertained by his Vine videos. Jacob showed him and the rest of his fans that he is far more than an internet star – he showed them a night to remember.

Just as the show was starting, fans filled in all the cracks and crevices of the floor, dressed in everything from Easter dresses to jogging suits. As the stage crew finished their setup, girls began changing, “We want Jacob.” Preston had never seen so many people in one place, and especially so many girls. He wanted his spot too, as close to stage as possible, trying to slide his way through the crowd. Then the lights dropped, all the phones floated among the crowd of girls screaming with excitement, and the spotlight shown on the stage. Preston was frozen in anticipation, eyes drawn to Jacob, just like a deer caught in headlights. “Cincinnati, Cincinnati,” Jacob called, beginning the show with his popular song, Skateboard. Preston was instantly mesmerized by the show, all of the dancing lights, cascading smoke, and music made him silent and still while daughters danced with their moms and dads.

Preston’s few words during the show was surpassed by Jacob. “I need all the energy, alright?” he asked the crowd three times, each time the roar of the room grew louder and louder, waving to get Jacob’s attention and videoing his every move. “Are you having a fun time so far tonight?” Jacob continued to interact with his audience. After an uproar he teased, “You probably don’t know this song. It’s called Sweatshirt.” The entire venue sang along in perfect unison as Jacob played on guitar, until the last chorus, when he halts the crowd advising, “The energy’s just not there.” This got his fans belting like they never have before as they screamed, “So, baby, wear my…” Jacob continued to surpass expectations when he bent down and sang Last Text to a girl in the front, completely taking her heart, and ended with a laugh, pretending he needed to text someone.

Preston will always remember his first concert. I will always remember my first concert with Preston and the many other fans of Jacob Sartorius. We will carry this show and our favorites, Hit Me Back and Chapstick with us everywhere we venture. He will never leave us hangin’.