Introducing The Pistol Mystics

With influences that read like a history lesson on punk rock – from the melodic precision of second wave bands like NOFX and Bad Religion, the blues-infused anthems of punk pioneers Johnny Thunders and The Ramones, all the way back to the Father of Rock N’ Roll, Chuck Berry – The Pistol Mystics blur the line between rock and punk. Their debut EP, aptly named Ammunition, just had its digital release!

A couple of years prior to the band’s formation, Joe Rains was singing for the local garage rock outfit Northside Garage. Joe states that that was one of the best experiences of his life, but when it ended, he wasn’t quite ready to jump back into making music. Then, in February of this year, he filled in on guitar for a show dedicated to The Day the Music Died. They covered one song each from Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and The Big Bopper, and filled in the set with some punk songs like “New Rose” by The Damned. It reminded Joe how much he loved playing music and hanging out with friends, and knew it was time to start performing his own songs again.

Six months and several lineup changes later, The Pistol Mystics were formed and Joe had finished composing the songs for Ammunition. One of Joe’s oldest friends, Justin Rack (Hardcore Ritual), plays bass guitar, adding scales and arpeggios reminiscent of Matt Freeman of Operation Ivy and Rancid fame. There’s a Nirvana-inspired bass riff on “Flash in the Pan” that really helps define the song. One of Joe’s newest friends, mild-mannered Mike Templeton (Cletus Romp), rips guitar solos that are anything but, with an almost vocal quality that guarantees you’ll be humming along in your car. A favorite is the “plane crash solo” during the intro to “Deep Water.” The impeccable timing and artful composition of Jamie Taylor (The Night Divided) on drums lift The Pistol Mystics’ sound into something truly special.

Four songs were recorded over a weekend at Ultrasuede Studio in Camp Washington. With, John Hoffman who is a remarkably creative engineer, and since he was going on tour with his band, Vacation, Joe worked with the equally talented Jacob Tippey on the mix.