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Home Plate Release Problems in Stereo

Home Plate is releasing their latest EP, Problems in Stereo on Friday, January 19th with a release party to follow on Sunday, January 28th at The Southgate House Revival! We were excited to talk to the band about the new EP, what to expect at the release show, and what is next for this amazing band.

Tell us about the new EP, Problems in Stereo!
Our newest EP, Problems in Stereo, is definitely a reimagining of Home Plate and even more so ourselves. We released our first EP one year ago this month and over the last year with the member changes we've had, we took time to sit down and formulate these tunes as a collective. It has a little of all of us in it, which is something we strived for since its early stages this past Summer.

What can we expect at the release show on the 28th?
We are so excited to bring out some of the best local talent Cincinnati has to offer for our release show on January 28th. We are playing at the Southgate House Revival on January 28th, and with us we have some of the best support we could as for. Break Up Lines, Old Flames Bright Lights, The Jericho Harlot, & Scarlet Street have all been involved with us this past year in some shape or form, and having them all together on one bill will probably spoil us for shows to come. Tickets are $5, even on the day of the show because we want as many people as possible to be able to come out and have such a fantastic time with great Cincinnati talent.

Tell us about the writing process for the new EP...
We started this EP as early as April, but with some member changes it really started to take its form in August/Early September. Our bassist Mitch had just moved here from Texas and our lead guitarist Carl from California, so after a few practices we found styles that best represent what Home Plate has become. From our heavier influences present on "Sarcophag-Us"; a reflection on past relationships to the tune of "The Mummy", starring everyone's favorite Brendan Fraser, to "Cold Cases in December", we really wanted to expand and not restrict ourselves. Letting go of the "Oh we aren't that type of band" mentality is the best experience as a band we've had thus far.

What is next for Home Plate?
2018 is going to see us finally venturing out of Cincinnati in support our new EP, and we've already started on our next batch of songs. We've talked about doing a full length if the interest is out there, so I guess we will find out! No matter what, we just want to share what we love with everyone else, especially here in Cincinnati where they've been so great to us as a band already. I think we're right on track to make all parents hate us for the rest of the year.

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